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Links of Intrest

I've surfed the internet for quite a while and have found a few nice spots that I like to frequent for various purposes. These are a few I've found in my travels.

Friends Around the Net

Carly's Live Journal
My lovely wife Carly's Live Journal page.

Dave's My Space page
My best friend Dave's My Space page.

Dustin's Live Journal
The epic words of Lu Bu (my good buddy Dustin).

My Favorite Web Comics

Giant in the Playground
Comics by Rich Burlew and Rob Balder. I read both Order of the Stick and Erfworld which are both parodies on table-top games with incredible storylines and great humor. Probably my favorite webcomic.

Penny Arcade
The legendary exploits of Tycho and Gabe as told by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. It's the most successful video game comic and probably one of the funniest around.

Girl Genius
An adventure, romance and mad science comic by Phil and Kaja Foglio. It's bold, full color, and absolutely excellent. Humor mixed with a great storyline about a world filled with mischievous and devious mad scientists.

An up and down gaming and computer comic by Tim Buckley. The humor is good but occasionally frustrating. A good read.

Least I Could Do
A very risque comic by Ryan Sohmer about a suave dude with geeky interests and the lifestyle of a true player. I guess I really love it because it reminds me of my old friend Ray. Very funny, but be prepared to feel dirty for reading it. Updates daily.

A great manga style strip that began as another gamer comic. It's all done by Fred Gallegher who is very spotty with his updates. The story is awesome if you can bear getting into it.

8-Bit Theater
A comic by Brian Clevinger made from the graphics of the original Final Fantasy NES game. It's up and down, but fairly entertaining if you're a nerd... or an insane idiot. I took a break from it but found it entertaining upon returning.

A comic with a heavy emphasis on math and geekdom by NASA contractor Randall Munroe. Some of the jokes are pretty high level, others are just depressing. It's good enough that it gets my 3-4 weekly viewing.