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Page Credits and References

I've got a lot of borrowed artwork and material on my pages. Full credit and copyrights are attributed to the following where appropriate:

Inga Nielsen - Artwork and Backgrounds
She's got some great stuff. I highly recommend her artwork and digital prints.

Bjorn Breivik - Artwork and Backgrounds
His site is pretty much always under construction, but he's got the best space artwork around.

Microsoft / Xbox - Artwork and Copyright Material
All the Xbox stuff, logos, and references belong to Microsoft of course.

Bungie Studios - Artwork and Copyright Material
A great studio with a great site, lots of stuff is occasionally ganked from this site.

Empire Elements - Website CSS Templates & Material
Some website CSS templates and a lot of beginner material were taken from these guys. I've since moved past most of their templates but I think its right to give them credit.

WordPress - Blog Provider
This is the blogging engine that I use. Fairly good and I recommend it for an overall website solution if you are looking for one.

Coppermine - Gallery Provider
An excellent and highly customizable gallery provider that I use.

SMF Engine - Forum Provider
A good forum provider.