Welcome to Rise From the Ashes
   FTA's Guild presence in World of Warcraft.

   Our guild is currently small, consisting of a small group of friends on the Draenor Server, Alliance Side. We've two current tasks: working towards getting our core officers leveled sufficiently and setting up the entire array of normally available guild services.

   We are presently accepting new members of all creeds, levels, and professions and are willing to help out with quests and other services as we can. Our average level at present is 36.

   Our end goal is to have a small community of players that can instance raid or pvp raid and have an appropriate level of support from other primaries and alts.

   This Guild Website is under serious construction and is just coming online, so please enjoy what small offerings we do have. The Guild/Web Master is very busy, so updates may be sporadic for a while. Happy WOWing and enjoy our community home.