What is FTA?
How to Join
World of Warcraft

How to Join

  We are a fairly small and close-knit group, but that doesn't mean we aren't always looking for quality and skilled people to play with. We have no formal initiation procedures but we do have a few rules. If you've read our beliefs, agree with what we're about, and want to play with a group of casual and mature players that like to compete then we are interested in you. All we ask is that you be mature, use our clan emblem, and watch the trash talking (we disapprove of most trash talk with strangers).

  Currently our Clan's focus is on a Halo 3 presence, but we also have a fondness for the online Ubisoft games. To inquire us about membership or just to play, send a message of any of our gamertags. If you have been ignored for a while or want to talk to us more directly, try an e-mail to Shalewind.