What is FTA?
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What is FTA?

  From the Ashes, or FTA, is an online gaming clan. Clans are a group of friends, gamers, and associates that meet online to play, communicate, and have fun. Clans have been present in the PC online community or many years. Our clan, FTA, was assembled during the life of the original XBOX console for Halo 2 play. Many of our clanmates are still friends and so we have carried over our small community to a website and the XBOX 360.

  XBOX 360 Clans are very diverse and spread all over the world. Communities of all sizes exist to accommodate a wide variety of gamers from the avid addict to the causal part-time player. For more information on Clans in general try this wiki article here. For more info on FTA just have a look around the website.