Gears Rocks

November 10th, 2008 by Shalewind

Another weekend gone another week starting. Played some Gears of War 2 in hoard mode this weekend with Chris (on leave from the Air Force). That game is fun as hell, even when Chris is being belligerent about our level of assistance. ? Hopefully a little more to talk about as we get into the week. Right now just winding up to get some more stuff ready for our next project phase here at work. Good luck in the new week fellow readers.

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A Wedding, an Install, and an Election

November 6th, 2008 by Shalewind

Gah, it’s been hard to try and find time to post lately. Work has been running in fairly high gear despite it being in peak. We’re preparing for the next phase of the project. I suppose it is good that we are always looking forward and I’m certainly not bored.

A lot has happened since I last had a few minutes to post. Let’s see… DJ and Dana got married (hopefully I’ll get some pictures up soon)! It was a very nice wedding and I hope they are still enjoying themselves in Vegas. We deployed our year long project at work. Who-Hoo…! And the US elected a new president.

So a lot has been going on. I’ll try to get back around to post here soon. Sheese, haven’t even checked web comics this week…

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