Countdown to the Beach

July 14th, 2008 by Shalewind

Well, I’m getting all set for my vacation which is in two weeks. Getting work into a state of order is difficult but not impossible. With all luck my last critical install will happen tomorrow so that will free up a good portion of my time. I find it very interesting that five years ago nobody would have missed me at the office if I were to have vanished for a week. Now, I’ve got a number of users that depend on me and a few critical projects that would meet problems if I went up in smoke. Such is climbing the ladder and I think this is a good thing. It’s just odd to compare the responsibility over the years.

In other good work news we have hired on the contractor that I’ve been tutoring. This is fantastic news because I need the help and we were afraid there wouldn’t be a slot open for her (the hiring market around here is VERY tight right now – as it is everywhere). But Pradnya is awesome – smart, energetic, she improvises when she has to and she has a great attitude. I’m very pleased we’ve got her full time.

Saw Hellboy II this weekend. A visually pleasing movie and a good deal of fun as well. I’ve really come to love Ron Perlman – I think his gruff delivery is just fantastic. I am very much looking forward to Dark Knight this coming weekend. We’re planning on getting a large camp to go see it. My expectations are high but with all the fabulous talent associated with the film I think it will deliver.

In role-playing updates – I’ve found an excellent tool in Fractal Terrains Pro by ProFantasy. This little app kicks ass. It basically makes world terrain using the most advanced fractals available on the market right now (well cheaply anyway). It’s got lots of bells and whistles and you can EDIT the terrain (very important). It doesn’t do currents or wind patterns but it does assist with climate and rainfall. It’s a marvelous aide and I highly recommend it even if you have had mixed success with ProFantasy’s other offerings like CC2 or 3.

Did a little Diablo 2 this weekend. I know right, how old is Diablo? But you know what, sometimes the oldies are the best and our party of four ass-kickers seemed to enjoy the dungeon crawling immensely. My Sorceress is still looking for a good cap by the way. I forgot how fun much a “well implemented” random item system could be.

Well that’s about it for now. Got to get the week rolling.

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