Operation Elsberry

June 30th, 2008 by Shalewind

Once again it is Monday and I am busy as hell. I’ve got a number of projects I’m now trying to get wrapped up before I leave for vacation in Captiva. This is proving to be a bit difficult because several of the resources I need are tied up elsewhere. Such is life.

We retrieved Dustin from Oklahoma this weekend. The event went as smoothly as any move goes, but Dustin was pretty packed up and didn’t have much stuff, so that helped. The introduction between Leder (Dave and Linnea’s puppy) and Oreo (Dustin’s kitten) has been interesting. So far Oreo simply hisses at Leder, while Leder barks attempting to play (a child proof gate prevents this meeting from becoming potentially violent).

Not much time to delve into much else. Signing off until later in the week.

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Missing My Wife

June 16th, 2008 by Shalewind

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and post. With two very visible and high priority projects at work, the stress is dialed way up. I billed a 53 hours last week (no overtime though, we’re well past overtime in the corporate world :) ). I think I’m handling it well. We’ll see how well my setup is when I leave for vacation in six weeks.

I missed my wife this weekend, she’s in Moore visiting her folks. Apparently it hailed up there, and of course she had my car which now has windshield damage. But better the leased Milan than the bought Jeep. She comes home today though so my loneliness will soon be over. Yea!

I’m holding off on my comments of 4th Edition until I have a longer time to post. It’s good and bad and I’ve actually got a lot to say.

I’ve gotten pretty good with Adobe Premiere, it’s a great application. For slideshow work I’ve pretty much just decided to use a compilation of apps for most of the core work, but the final project is always done in Premiere. I can also recommend TMPGEnc DVD Author 3, another excellent application and the only remotely decent DVD menu creator I’ve found. I can only imagine how much more complicated CS is from 6, but I won’t have to deal with that until I get a new computer anyway.

That’s about it for now. Got to get back to work. Have a good one!

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