Memorial Recovery

May 27th, 2008 by Shalewind

Well our Memorial Day barbeque was a success. Pink and I managed to successfully cook some spare ribs on our first try. Good tenderness and a fair (but very spicy) sauce and rub. My first mustard based sauce was a bit spicy as well, and not well liked by the wife but overall was a good experiment. I hope all of your BBQ for the weekend was as enjoyable as ours. Minus watching “Revolver” that is.

We played some Halo this weekend and the re-entry was very pleasant, we won or tied all of our games. No mean feat, even if some of our opposition was shall we say less than spectacular. As a side note, implementing the name changes of two FTA member was not easy on the stat tracker.

Now I’m prepping for a VP meeting at work this afternoon. I’m presenting on a number of technical architectures. Tough stuff but I’m confident we’ve got a handle on it now even if we have been rushed and pushed to the end of our wits to get here. Such is the corporate world.

Starting to get pumped about the 4e DnD release (and my new campaign in it of course). All of EnWorld’s previews and reviews of the material are very encouraging. I’m sure I’ll bore any readers with a plethora of comments in the subsequent weeks after I get the books.

Final weekend update: lets talk about the new Indiana Jones. Wow… Well first off, the movie, for the first 90% of it, stuck the atmosphere and feel of the first movies very well. I have nothing but good things to say about it. The action and the comedy were both top notch and it was very entertaining to watch. Even Shia LaBeouf was fine. My beef with the movie is in the aliens part (yes, that’s right – there are aliens IN the movie). If they had kept it mysterious, it would have been fine. But the over the top ending and really “out there” deus ex machina really hurt the film in my humble opinion. Still a fun flick to catch though – just go in expecting the from right field ending.

That’s all for now. Signing out.

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Going to the Game

May 19th, 2008 by Shalewind

Well, the Stars got over their funk of not being able to beat Detroit and managed to pull out a win getting us to Game 6. As such, we’ll be attending. The process of securing tickets for Western Conference Finals has led me to conclude a few things about the second hand service vendors. My first piece of advice is that the online web forms suck. Look for the phone number on the site and call that instead. I can almost guarantee you that the phone service will be better implemented and actually stand a chance of getting you your tickets. Second, service charges for ticket “handling” also suck. Well enough of that, I’ll be in 320 row J with Dave, Carly, and Linnea. Go Stars!

Not much else to report at present. Work is elevating in its stress level as we approach more installs. I’ve leveraged on three projects so time is tight.

Carly will be teaching at Newman Smith High School next year, the same High School I attended. It’s a little weird but also measures high on the cool-o-meter.

That’s all for now. Over and out.

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The Ironmen Stars

May 5th, 2008 by Shalewind

Morrow's final goalWell for the first bit today: Go Stars! For the first time in a long time we are going to the conference finals after a grueling bout of nearly four complete OTs. That game is one of the most incredible I’ve ever seen played. Turco was immaculate, making saves that were both unbelievable and in some cases gravity defying. His percentage, an amazing 0.984 with 61 saves.

It was a well deserved win after a very tough series with a group of Sharks that would not go quietly. Totally worth getting to bed at 2 am. Paying for it this morning though.

Caught Ironman this Sunday as well. An exceptionally good movie considering my low expectations going in. Who would have thought Ironman would make one of the better comic book movies? The movie was pulled off with style and all the characters were solid, save Obadiah Stane, which I can forgive for the one-dimensional villain aspect. Lots of good humor in there as well. It’s a cool flick and I recommend a look if you are so inclined.

There are so many neat looking movies coming out this summer I may start to believe that the days of the mid 90s are back and Hollywood has recovered a bit from the horrid over special effects / under writing problems.

Not that movies like Speed Racer look to skimp on the special effects, but it does look like they are pushing the edge in several other regards (like making the movie a live action cartoon). That said, I am easily entertained.

I reserve all comment on BSG until the end of the series. But I will say this. Things look bleak and I am not pleased.

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