Freya’s First Swim

June 1st, 2010 by Shalewind

We took the dog for her first swim this Memorial Day. Unfortunately our AC is out at home (or as Carly calls it ‘the magical house cooling box’), but we were planning to visit the folk’s and swim anyway (just a longer visit than previously anticipated).

Freya was a bit nervous about the water (I think she thought it was a big bath). But after some encouragement – peanuts – and some forced cannon-balling with mommy she got the hang of it. Still not her favorite thing in world but I think she is growing to like it.

Lots more pictures here in the gallery.

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Power Wash

April 12th, 2010 by Shalewind

So, next home project is Operation: DECK. This begins with a good power washing (or so I’m told). You need to clean off all the years of grim and such before staining or water sealing. I’m no novice to the concept having been recruited by my parents many moons ago to power wash the entire backyard fence… So, for reference, this is a power washer:


It may seem fairly innocuous, but this little baby can produce a stream of highly pressurized water that can pulverize even rock, if your so inclined.  I was not, so we stuck with a wide angle nozzle for my fragile wood deck. So I got to spraying, and act which is a fairly decent upper arm workout due to the kickback on this thing.


The results are fairly remarkable:


As you can see, years of grim are now blasted away. Of course, you can do lots of other things with a power washer:


That’s an “M & C” with a heart if it’s difficult to see – the nozzle isn’t meant for fine detail work.  And no, I didn’t leave this engraved into the rust stains on the concrete. Carly preferred me to remove the stain all together.

You’ll notice of course that “Demon Plant” is doing fine. Also, we got our first roses of the season in:

img_3828_1408×1056.jpg img_3825_1408×1056.jpgimg_3826_1408×1056.jpg

Of course, I wasn’t the only one that thought power washing was like the best thing ever (be sure to click for bigger views):


So all in all, it was a successful mission. Staining will proceed in one week. You can see the results of the power wash below:

img_3806_1408×1056.jpg img_3843_1408×1056.jpg

Freya was worn out, and the dirtiest she has ever been (but happy)!

img_3841_1408×1056.jpg img_3820_1408×1056.jpg

Some final pics!


img_3837_1056×1408.jpg img_3836_1056×1408.jpg

Over and out for now.

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Emerging from chaos

February 22nd, 2010 by Shalewind

It was a rough week last week with a lot of weekend work rolled in. Coming out of it this week. The schedule is now extremely tight and we have no room for error – but I think we’ve finally got most everything under control. Not that I can relax but perhaps I can inch my stress level down a couple of notches. As always my lovely wife, energetic puppy, and an occasional bit of Mass Effect 2 have helped me to decompress.

In other news, the puppy slept up stairs with us for the first time last night. I think she is a little confused but sure was happy to see us in the morning still.

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White Christmas (Eve)

December 24th, 2009 by Shalewind

Well I’m sitting in a blizzard at my in-law’s place for Christmas Eve. We have a “historic” blizzard going on right now. 20 degrees, driving snow and sleet. It’s crazy! We’re going to get about 6 inches accumulation that will stick around for quite a while. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen blinding snow – but chasing the dog in it has been a mixed bag. By the way, Freya LOVES digging in snow, sniffing snow, barking at snow… In general she loves, you guessed it, snow.

Snowy Christmas Eve

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My dog likes feet

December 10th, 2009 by Shalewind

Freya loves feet. She likes sitting on feet. Licking feet. Playing with feet. Getting in the way when shoes go on the feet. Getting rubbed by feet. She’s just a feet kind of dog.


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